Tetmosol is the company’s flagship product and a leading brand in Nigeria. The brand made its way into the market as Tetmosol Citronella in 1977. Tetmosol Citronella became a trusted and dependable house name because of its unique medicated and antibacterial germ fighting properties.

From one brand launched over 40 years ago, Tetmosl has grown into a portfolio of eight variant which are effective, skin-friendly and provide quality home care. These include Protect Plus, Baby Soft, Cool Lemon, Cool Power and Deo Fresh.

In 2018, to offer total home protection, the brand was further extended to include insecticide, liquid antiseptic categories and
hand sanitizer

Naturein is a quality and premium skincare and personal brand which embraces nature in its truest form, uniqueness and simplicity. A brand formulated based on local African tradition. It is designed for younger women who desire organic based products made with natural and local extracts.

The brand was launched into the market with three beauty soap variants in 2021.

Nature in beauty soaps contain only natural ingredients that safely lightens the skin, refreshes and brightens up stressed skin, renews the skin, deep cleanses, diminishes dark spots and acne, hydrates and nourishes the skin. It lathers well and has long lasting fragrance for a perfect body experience.

The No.1 product range is designed to cater for Hello Product Limited’s more sophisticated consumers.

The brand was introduced into the market in 2017 with two medicated soap variants and in 2019 the family cream bar was launched with four variants. The brand was also extended to include a body mist in 2018.

No.1 Family cream bar soaps lather well, they are long-lasting and guarantee a soft, moisturizing, and refreshing feeling. 

The No.1 range is produced with high-quality ingredients and luxurious European fragrances and offers maximum family protection and comfort throughout the day.